SPICI and the International Network

SPICI operates in partnership with international operators and is a proud member of various alliances that aim to consolidate the opportunities for scientific-technological cooperation and entrepreneurial development of the Italian innovation system.

Italy-China Science, Technology and Innovation Alliance on Startups and Entrepreneurship

The Alliance is promoted by Italia Startup, PNI Cube, Campania NewSteel srl and SPICI srl, is a national and technological platform with a bottom up approach, focused on Sino-Italian cooperation at the service of the entrepreneurial, financial and innovation system, but also of the institutional organizations - Italian Government, Ministries, Local Authorities and the system of public companies - which intends to promote cooperation and the internationalization of the innovative ecosystems between Italy and China.

Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership

The Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership, of which at SPICI we are honored to be part of, was born on the initiative of the European Commission. The alliance was created to support the activities of business incubators and accelerators and promote new cooperation agreements related to scientific research on the Europe-Africa axis.

Europe-India Innovation Partnership

The alliance promoted by the European Commission defined to support the activities of European and Indian operators, including technological incubators and business accelerators, as well as for the promotion of new cooperation agreements and for the facilitation and implementation of scientific research programs and business development.

International Technology Transfer Network

The ITTN is the network that aims to promote networking and international technology transfer.

Italia Startup

Italia Startup is the non-profit association that represents, supports, and gives voice to the Italian innovation ecosystem. The Association brings together more than 3000 entities, both private and public, that firmly believe that the rise of the Italian economy has to be led by innovative enterprises with their internationalization intentions and that a new entrepreneurial ecosystem is needed.


Legalmondo is a platform whose members are lawyers from all over the world, selected as experts in a specific area of activity. The main goal is to offer entrepreneurs accurate legal advice in digital and non-digital forms in order to let them conduct serenely their business all over the world.

Italian Chamber of Commerce in China

The only association of Italian entrepreneurs and professionals officially recognized by the Italian (Ministry of Economic Development) and the People's Republic of China (Ministry of Civil Affairs) Governments which works to promote the internationalization of Italian companies and promote the “Made in Italy” in China.