SPICI develops and manages internationalization programs and services for companies, universities and research centers, also through the proprietary SPICI TECH HUB platform.

It offers advanced services to support public entities (universities, research centers, local authorities, etc.) and private entities (innovative SMEs, startups, spin-offs) in a targeted and personalized manner in the definition and implementation of strategies, programs and initiatives of internationalization and entry into foreign markets and innovation ecosystems.

The main geographical areas in which SPICI operates are:

  • China (with a focus on Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi’an, Chongqing, Chengdu),
  • Japan,
  • United States,
  • ME.NA.SA. Area,
  • Africa.

Over the years SPICI has promoted and managed important international matchmaking programs targeting SMEs, startups, as well as the research and business ecosystems.

It promotes joint laboratories between various countries for the advancement of the digital industry.

It designs and manages international cooperation programs on science, culture and innovation.

It regularly participates in European calls and tenders, either acting as a tech hub or participating through partnerships consistent with its specialization areas.



SPICI operates on the international market through a range of “tailor-made” services, provided both physically and digitally, which cover every need related to foreign markets entry, from the definition of target countries to the sectors in which to invest and the actions to undertake to be successful. SPICI ensures high standards of service through its specialized staff and its wide and qualified network of partners.

The services include professional consulting and support aimed at the presentation of the company abroad, the search for new customers and partners, the establishment of commercial networks, the matchmaking and follow-up activities of the main contacts of interest, the conclusion of scientific, industrial, financial, commercial agreements, and the soft-landing process.

SPICI’s services include:

  • Market analysis;
  • Support in the design of business plans, feasibility studies and industrial plans;
  • Support in negotiations with suppliers and buyers;
  • Digital Export Management;
  • Temporary Export Manager (TEM);
  • Smart Export Assistant;
  • Assistance and strategic support for the enhancement of business and relations with foreign markets;
  • Cost analysis, support in achieving the requirements and their maintenance and also the logistical needs required by client companies;
  • Possible opening of an office abroad (branch, representative office and Joint Venture)
  • Legal, administrative, tax services, etc.
  • Research and training of personnel;
  • Search for partners and customers;
  • Support in the construction and enlargement of commercial networks;
  • Support for landing abroad;
  • Search for funding and contributions to cover the costs of commercial penetration and international cooperation.

Through the Fabritech division, SPICI is also able to:

  • plan, develop, adapt,  applications and digital solutions according to the target foreign markets;
  • design, develop, offer digital and e-commerce solutions and applications that facilitate internationalization and export activities in the target countries;
  • design and implement digital communication and promotion tools in the target countries, such as brochures and multimedia catalogs, corporate videos, apps.



SPICI develops and manages scientific cooperation programs aimed at promoting the creation of international innovation ecosystems as well as scientific, industrial, commercial and financial partnerships between research and business.

The services of SPICI include:

  • Support of public entities in the launch and management of international cooperation programs;
  • Definition and implementation of cooperation and internationalization programs;
  • Organization of forums, conferences, thematic sessions, matchmaking meetings, showrooms;
  • Launch and management of joint workshops between Italy and foreign countries.



SPICI regularly participates in European and international calls and tenders in the field of science, culture and innovation, either acting as a specialized management consulting firm or through partnerships consistent with its areas of specialization.

The services of SPICI include:

  • Monitoring of European Calls and Tenders, scouting of opportunities, information and guidance to its public and private clients;
  • Drafting of European projects and building of international partnerships;
  • Support in the management of European projects and in technical and administrative reporting.