Spici, as part of the regional project “SPICI goes to Expo Dubai“, had the opportunity to visit HUB71 in Abu Dhabi, where we discussed with the representatives who deal with startup programs.

The visit allowed the whole delegation to learn about their activities for startups and investors who wish to take advantage of various growth opportunities.

Against a backdrop of state-of-the-art infrastructure, through their strategic partner ADGM, they provide founders with programs, services, startup incentives and access to the best investors, world-class clients, expert mentoring and market opportunities.

Hub71 has 3 different types of investors for its startups: Angel investors, Seed investors and Growth investors and offers different types of programs: Ventures Lab Program, a course of 9 months and the realization of the MVP, Outliers Program, to access finance and market services, Incentive Program, in which startups receive, among other things, dedicated services and spaces, Corporate Engagement Program, a bridge between large companies and start-ups to overcome their respective weaknesses, Accelerator Programs and Upskilling Programs , respectively useful for supporting innovators, making them “local champions with global ambition” and for connecting them with other talents and experts.