Digital Innovation Hub and Business Accelerator

Digital Innovation Hub &          Business Accelerator

We contribute to the growth and development of the Italian and international industrial system, by offering innovative services to Startups, SMEs and Public Administration.

Heritage SmartLab | EDIH – European Digital Innovation Hub

The House of Emerging Technologies – CTE in Naples

Our Mission

Bringing value to Startups, SMEs and PAs by Supporting them in the processes of Digital Transformation, Acceleration and Internationalization

Digital Products and Services

We support companies in the digital transformation process

by creating innovative solutions and innovation projects.


We manage acceleration programs based on the open innovation Paradigm.

We help startups in defining the business model and accessing financial opportunities.


We offer specialised services to accompany public and private entities

in the definition and implementation of internationalization strategies and programmes.

Social Innovation

We design innovative programs for regions, cities and other public bodies.

SPICI also manages intergovernmental programs of scientific and technological cooperation.

Our Plus

Competence and professionalism to create innovation

Our professional team of highly skilled academics, designers, engineers, data analysts and technicians strive daily to help customers and partners harness the power of innovation.


  • More than 30 years of experience alongside companies.

  • Development of scientific cooperation and training programs at international level.

  • Innovation plans and programs for the growth and development of the innovation ecosystem in Italy and in the world.

The future of innovation

We help your business grow and innovate to make a social impact

 +100 Partners and Customers all over the world

Best solutions

We work together for the development of your business

The Main Operating Areas

Cultural and Creative Industries, Green Transition, Blue Growth and Digital Economy

The main technologies applied to our projects

Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity.

Know our team

A team of innovators who anticipated trends in the economy and the world of technology

If you want to join, discover the “Work with Us” section and apply. We are always looking for new talents.

Vincenzo Lipardi


Mariangela Contursi

General Manager

Chiara Romano

Co-founder and Operation Manager

Luisa Bosco

Project Manager

Bita Sekhavati

Technology Manager

Clara Amadigi

Project manager


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SPICI is a company certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standards