The company works alongside some of the main players in the national and international industrial and scientific ecosystem, specifically in five strategic areas:

FabriTech - Open Innovation & Acceleration

Through the Division Fabbrica Digitale, designing and developing technological solutions in partnership with companies, universities and the Public Administration, and supporting, through dedicated acceleration and incubation programs, the growth of spinoffs and innovative startups.

Internationalization & Scientific Cooperation

Through the Division Internationalization, promoting and managing programs of scientific cooperation, entrepreneurial development and technology transfer, facilitating the access of innovative companies to foreign markets.

Advanced Training

Through the Task Force Training, developing digital education programs, as well as advanced training programs on specific technological areas in partnership with national and international academic institutions, research centers and companies, with the aim of advancing the technical skills for both, the development and the usage of innovative solutions.

Urban Innovation & Regeneration

Through the Task Force Urban Innovation, designing programs in partnership with investment groups, real estate operators and multinational companies for the development of services and infrastructures for technological innovation.

European Projects

Through the Task Force European Project, conducting planning activities relating to European and public procurement that aims at investments in product and process innovation, in order to promote the development of business activities and enhance the innovative potential of the national and international industrial and scientific ecosystems.

SPICI is developing a proprietary technological platform that, through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, will be able to optimize the resource matching process between companies, universities and research centers. The platform will also be able to provide a series of remote services to support the internationalization process of startups and small and medium-sized enterprises.

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