SPICI designs and develops technological solutions and digital products for companies and Public Administrations (PA). The company mainly operates in the sectors related to Cultural and Creative Industries and the Green Transition, with a specific focus on Digital economy, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cloud computing, Cybersecurity, IoT.

As a tech hub, it offers consulting services on issues related to digital transformation to its private and public clients.

SPICI carries out research projects in synergy with universities and research centers and pays particular attention to the topics of interoperability and reuse of digital solutions.

The company is leading an ambitious project aimed at developing a proprietary platform – Tech Hub – leveraging Artificial Intelligence, for the provision of advanced matchmaking services, internationalization and for digital transformation support.

Finally, SPICI designs and promotes advanced training programs and initiatives (academies) in the field of digital education. Acting in partnership with national and international academic institutions, research centers and companies, SPICI aims to train professionals specializing in the development and use of innovative solutions.

Digital transformation consulting services include:

– Support in the development of strategic plans for the digital transformation of cities;

– Support in the definition and implementation of digital transformation programs and projects, through the following phases:

  • Digital due diligence: assessment of the possible impact of digital transformation on the business activity of a company or PA; analysis of the current level of digitalization and of the digital skills available in the client organization;
  • AS-IS Analysis: study and analysis of processes, to identify the challenges, constraints, imperfections and specificities of each process and/or function analyzed;
  • TO-BE analysis: design of the digital solution/system and analysis of the economic and organizational impact;
  • Design of the digital transformation plan: identification of the infrastructures, systems, solutions and services required to implement the plan and definition of the detailed technical specifications needed to develop the final solution;
  • Project Management Office (PMO) service: support of public and private clients in the implementation of the plan.

Services of app development and customized digital solutions include the design and implementation of:

  • apps for iOS and Android;
  • customized digital systems/solutions for SMEs;
  • innovative systems/solutions for Smart Cities;
  • platforms and systems for advanced matchmaking and for the management of smart communities;
  • e-learning platforms for schools, universities, training centers;
  • digital communication applications/products (multimedia and/or interactive brochures and catalogs, corporate videos, etc.).

The TECH HUB proprietary platform

SPICI is also developing a proprietary technological platform which, through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, will optimize the process of resources matching between companies, universities and research centers. The platform will also provide a series of remote services to support the internationalization process of startups and small and medium-sized enterprises.