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SPICI has been operating for years to carry out projects and initiatives in the fields of Digital Transformation, Internationalization, Business Acceleration and Social Innovation.

Over the years, SPICI has carried out projects and initiatives in the fields of Digital Transformation, Business Acceleration, Internationalization and Social Innovation.

Strategic Projects

EDIH – Heritage Smart Lab

The EDIH project fully verticalized on the digital transformation of the cultural heritage sector and the Cultural and Creative Industries.

The House of Emerging Technologies – CTE in Naples

The first innovation centre on Cultural and Creative Industries in Naples


Get closer to Naples with multi-channel experiences

Fabritech, Digital Transformation and Acceleration

Huawei Acceleration for Change

The joint program between SPICI and Huawei Italia, aimed at scouting and selecting startups, SMEs, ISVs with innovative technological solutions.

Startups Go Global

The program of international acceleration and entrepreneurial training of the Campania Region in Italia, realized by SPICI and Noesi Evolution.

Leonardo Smart

The development project launched for the new SPICI technological platform for the internationalization and digital innovation of SMEs.

Internationalization and European Projects

China Zhongguancun Forum (ZGC)

The Zhongguancun Forum is China’s main platform for promoting international cooperation in science and technology

China-Italy Best Startup Showcase-Entrepreneurship Competition (BSSEC)

The program of accompaniment and exploration of the Italian and Chinese markets.

Suzhou Center for International Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The cooperation center between China and Italy in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation

Spici Goes To Expo Dubai

Our promotional initiative held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, during the Expo Dubai 2020

Italy-Iran Scientific Cooperation

Scientific and cultural cooperation in the form of a workshop, which brought together more than 180 guests

Scientific and Technological Cooperation with Georgia

Initiated working with Georgia, to promote the exchange of talent, technology and best practices in the field of innovation

Smart Cities and Social Innovation

Marcianise Smart City

The Municipality of Marcianise (CE) in Campania region has entrusted SPICI with the drafting of the Strategic and Digital Transformation Plan

Andromeda Fermenti in Comune

The Programme launched by ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) and financed by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Italy

China Our Hearts Beat For You

The manifest that aims to transform the global pandemic alarm into a wave of solidarity

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