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Andromeda Fermenti in Comune

Andromeda Fermenti in Comune is a program launched by ANCI – National Association of Italian Municipalities, and funded by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department for Youth Policies and Universal Civil Service, which was created with the aim of strengthening the good practices, it already started by some Italian municipalities,  and at the same time, stimulate other municipalities to identify the social needs of the community, promoting and supporting local development solutions and actions, through the direct involvement of young people.

In strong continuity with the “Fermenti” initiative, the program aims to support the innovative ideas of young people and youth associations, able to respond effectively to the five “Social Challenges“, identified as priorities for communities – Equality for all genders; Education and culture; Spaces, Environment and territory; Autonomy, welfare, well-being and health, promoting targeted actions of development, revival and innovation of local communities.

SPICI has supported several municipalities, youth associations and other local subjects, such as:

  • In the preparation of projects characterized by co-design and capacity building paths, aimed at young people, as well as entrepreneurial and digital training programs, with high added value, with the aim of contributing to the birth of social and digital innovation projects.
  • To strengthen the entrepreneurial skills of young people.
  • To encourage the birth and growth of groups interested in the development of innovative business ideas aimed at enhancing the heritage of the territory.

SPICI has been chosen by several municipalities as a technical facility for the implementation of project activities and will offer the following services in support of these municipalities:

  • Support and accompaniment to third sector bodies, companies and teams of young people interested in developing social innovation projects and realizing their project idea in the Municipality to which they belong.
  • Entrepreneurial and digital training aimed at young people interested in developing project ideas for social innovation within the Municipality, to expand managerial and digital skills, increasing the chances of success of their business ideas, through a real “injection of digital and entrepreneurial culture”.

One-to-one tutoring to support young people in the realization of their project, in order to offer tools and opportunities to the selected teams to be born, grow and operate in a solid and lasting way.

Andromeda Fermenti in Comune, 2020 Edition

With the aim of strengthening the capacities of young people in transforming their ideas into executive projects, the 2020 edition of FERMENTI aimed to support innovative ideas capable of responding effectively to the five social challenges identified as priorities for communities:

  • Equality for all genders;
  • Inclusion and participation;
  • Education and culture;
  • Spaces, environment and territory;
  • Autonomy, welfare, well-being and health.

In addition, FERMENTI 2020 wanted to bring new opportunities for inclusive participation in the economic, social and democratic life of young people, also in order to promote the development and growth of the country’s territories and, above all, those territories characterized by fewer opportunities for young people, through the facilitation of projects with a social vocation.

In this framework, SPICI in support of Campania NewSteel, coordinated and supervised part of the acceleration sessions, through intense one-to-one training, orientation and distance tutoring activities, in order to provide the necessary tools for the preparation of project proposals and for the elaboration of executive projects.

Specifically, in the preliminary design phase, SPICI supported Campania NewSteel and the 151 young proponents with:

  • Dedicated and personalized support to the selected proposers, taking into account the needs of the individual projects and the various critical issues encountered in the drafting of the executive project.
  • Distance learning services through the selection and involvement of qualified experts.
  • Webinars and case studies with successful entrepreneurs, in order to explore different testimonials and best practices.
  • Remote one-to-one tutoring services to improve individual projects.

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