The first incubator of Cultural and Creative Industries

Italian Innovation Factory

Italian Innovation Factory is a Certified Incubator/Accelerator, specialized on three axes of work: Green Economy, Blue Economy, Cultural and Creative Industries

Italian Innovation Factory intends to propose itself also as an effective tool to contribute to the restart in the south of Italy, treasuring what the pandemic has painfully taught on the need to build, in a globalized and increasingly digitized world, a development model that is truly respectful of the health of the environment and man, and on the importance of seeking and achieving a new balance between economy, environment and society.

The incubator Italian Innovation Factory will have its headquarters, in the Eastern area of the City of Naples, in the district of San Giovanni a Teduccio, home to important industrial and research companies, including the Technological Pole of the University of Naples Federico II and its Academies, such as the Apple Academy and the San Carlo Laboratories.

Italian Innovation Factory will operate on two main markets:​

  • The public market

Seizing the new challenges and opportunities that are opening up in the context of the NRP, as well as in the new programming of the Structural Funds European 2021-2027, the company intends to propose itself as a qualified technostructure able to operate both directly, through its own initiatives, and indirectly through the shareholders, putting itself at the service of public and / or private subjects and partnerships with programs and projects consistent with the mission indicated above.

  • The private market

The company’s primary activity will be dedicated to business incubation/acceleration.

The goal is to create, welcome and accompany on the international market about 20 companies (startups and spinoffs) every year and to manage acceleration programs launched on their own and / or by partners, realized at the incubator spaces.


Italian Innovation Factory will coordinate towards specific service directions

Incubation and Acceleration

The new incubator will be scouting of innovative projects in the field of environmental sustainability of the economy of the sea, and the Cultural and Creative Industries.​

The host structure will be equipped with modules for innovative companies, an incubation area consisting of about 10 modules and an adjoining area dedicated to Coworking. The goal is to follow new start-ups that will be located in our spaces, but also start-ups that will be incubated remotely.

Advanced Training

Advanced Training is one of the leading services, whose customers will be companies and professionals and whose distinctive features in Academy-style educational activities, methodologically based on Challenge-Based Learning and will be aimed at extra-scholastic training, university and post-graduate training, environmental and ecosystem protection, heritage enhancement cultural, research and provision of cultural services.

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