On 9 September, a new session of the 2021 “Innovation China” Roadshow, dedicated to the presentation of innovative Italian projects for sustainable development, was held in Hangzhou.

“Innovation China” represents a major international collaboration platform in the fields of science, innovation and new technologies. Promoted by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST), it was created with the aim of promoting the exchange of international talents, knowledge and skills.

The last session of the “Innovation China” Roadshow, organized by the International Technology Transfer Network and coordinated by SPICI, was held in Hangzhou, the capital of the Zhejiang Province and home to major Chinese e-commerce players, such as Alibaba and Net Ease.

5 startups took part in the roadshow and presented their solutions for sustainable development and environmental protection to an audience of investors and potential commercial and technological partners: Iperblock produces biocompatible, bio-ecological and eco-sustainable construction materials; Notredame operates in the application field of nanosciences and nanotechnology and offers products with a high technological content for energy saving in buildings; Recover Ingredients, is a spin-off of the Institute of Science and Technology of Ceramic Materials of the National Research Council (CNR) and deals with the recovery of food industry waste according to a circular economy approach; ABC Public Water Company develops technology to avoid water contamination; IS Clean Air offers a solution for the abatement of fine dust and air purification.

Enrico Iaria, co-founder of SPICI, also took part in the session to present SPICI’s scientific cooperation activities with Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe and to introduce the latest data concerning the ecosystem of green technologies in Italy.