On 8 December, the fifth event of the Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership (AEIP) initiative was held online.

AEIP Event 5: Tech Hub Networking Component is an appointment promoted by the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission to support dialogue on science, technology and innovation between Europe and Africa.

Numerous meetings were organized between 17 African tech hubs and 15 European tech hubs with the aim of promoting internationalization and gaining a deeper understanding of the innovative ecosystems of the two continents.

The two largest European and African networks were introduced: EBN-European Business Network, the largest European network of business and innovation centres, was presented by Robert Sanders, Head of international projects, while Afrilabs, the largest network of African tech hubs, was presented by Kene Chukwu.

SPICI, represented by its Chief Operating Officer Chiara Romano, was the only Italian participating member and took part in various meetings with African tech hubs including Softstart BTI from South Africa and Habana from Madagascar.