The innovation ecosystem is increasingly fertile in India and the Indian startup community has emerged as one of the fastest growing on the international scene. Today, the country has the second largest startup ecosystem in the world, and Bangalore is second only to Silicon Valley.

In this context, at the 2017 India-EU Annual Summit it was agreed that both the European Union and India would work towards enhanced cooperation on innovation and technological development, aiming at actions that strengthen the synergies between European and Indian industries and startup ecosystems.

The Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DG, RTD) of the European Commission has therefore launched a pilot initiative with the aim of promoting cooperation on innovation between India and Europe.

Hence the “Europe-India Innovation Partnership” was born, of which at SPICI we are honored to have just joined.

The alliance was defined to support the activities of European and Indian operators, including technology incubators and business accelerators, as well as for the promotion of new cooperation agreements and for the facilitation and implementation of programs of scientific research and entrepreneurial development.