Africa and Europe enjoy a long-lasting partnership and trade relations, and in more recent times the two continents are gradually strengthening their cooperation also in the field of research, innovation and sustainable development.

In the last twenty years, the great importance of Africa-Europe relations has been highlighted by numerous programs, alliances and institutional initiatives such as “The Africa-EU Partnership” of the European Union and the African Union or by the more recent “Africa-Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investments and Employment“, launched by the European Commission in 2018.

In this context, and on the initiative of the European Commission, The Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership was born, of which at SPICI we are honored to be part of.

The alliance was defined to support the activities of technological incubators, accelerators and operators in the world of innovation, promote new cooperation agreements and facilitate the implementation of programs of scientific research and entrepreneurial development on the Europe-Africa axis, which sees the Mediterranean as its meeting point.

After the alliances we have joined in recent years, especially in Europe and Asia, the one with the African partners will be a strategic one for us to encourage new investments and support projects aimed at reducing inequalities and ensuring sustainable and inclusive development.