Thursday, February 1, 2024, was a special day for SPICI Srl and the Italy China Council Foundation – ICCF, dedicated to valuable connections and future perspectives in the field of internationalization: a Memorandum of Understanding with Italy China Council Foundation – ICCF was signed by Dr. Vincenzo Lipardi, President of SPICI, and Cavaliere Mario Boselli, President of the ICCF.

The Italy China Council Foundation – ICCF, born from the integration of the Fondazione Italia-Cina and the Italian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce | 意中商会, is the leading national organization that promotes and facilitates economic relations between Italy and China, of which SPICI is an associate member.

To confirm the new collaboration, a meeting was held between Dr. Lipardi and Dr. Marco Bettin, General Manager of the Italy China Council Foundation (ICCF), at the Fabbrica Italiana dell’Innovazione, the new technological hub in Naples born in San Giovanni a Teduccio, at Via Ponte dei Granili 24, in the area that housed the Historical Archive of Enel.

Leveraging SPICI’s established experience in managing scientific and technological cooperation programs with China, and ICCF’s leadership in the relationship between Italian companies and the Chinese economic ecosystem, SPICI and ICCF have formalized a partnership agreement. The primary goal is to create synergies and actively collaborate on projects and activities aimed at generating new business opportunities for Italian and Chinese companies.

Furthermore, this marks the first significant step towards a North-South collaboration between the two entities.

Under the signed agreement, SPICI and ICCF intend to interact from their respective bases in Naples and Milan to promote projects and initiatives aimed at supporting Italian and Chinese SMEs and startups interested in internationalizing their activities towards their respective markets of interest.