30 April 2020


Open Innovation Network for Technology & Entrepreneurship Communication Hub”, “OnTech”, is an international technology trade promotion network project established with cooperation between China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange (CISTE) of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST).

“OnTech” aims at promoting open innovation cooperation; facilitating international technology trade and innovative industrial cooperation generated by quality science, technology and innovation resources; motivating quality regional development; and making contribution to practice of the innovation driven development strategy.

The project is coordinated by the International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN) in collaboration, for the Italian side, with SPICI srl – Company for Innovation, Cooperation and Internationalization.

The Online Roadshow & Matchmaking for Innovative Startups and SMEs, is the first in a series of online roadshows.

This appointment will focus on Digital Innovative Technologies and will be held on April 22nd.

Start-ups and innovative SMEs from Italy but also from Israel, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands are invited to participate. 

17 March 2020


Deadline: 31st March 2020
SPICI srl – Società per l’Innovazione, la Cooperazione e l’Internazionalizzazione, alongside Confindustria Bergamo, Giovani Imprenditori e Gruppo Industriali Materie Plastiche e Gomma: selection of SMEs and innovative startups 

SPICI srl – Società per l’Innovazione, la Cooperazione e l’Internazionalizzazione is engaged in the selection of innovative startups and SMEs, which would like to join the new edition of “Ti presento una startup“, a program promoted by Confindustria Bergamo, Giovani Imprenditori and Gruppo Industriali Materie Plastiche e Gomma. The initiative aims to promote the open innovation model to facilitate collaboration between companies associated with Confindustria BG and startups throughout the country, thus promoting an effective meeting between innovation supply and demand.

The Call is dedicated to companies with the qualification of innovative startups (also being set up) and innovative SMEs, which offer services / products mainly focused on the following areas of innovation: Innovative materials – new raw materials, additives, graphene, talc elimination, materials that avoid beta rays for molecule modification; Digital transformation – integrated monitoring systems, innovative MES, data analysis for continuous improvement, production scheduling solutions; Smart production – FEM analysis of printed matter, predictive maintenance, collaborative robotics, 3D printing; Quality innovation – deep vision, “zero defect”, mechanical control; Circular economy – waste disposal, possibility of producing artifacts from waste.

Only for the Circular Economy area, project proposals and/or business ideas, promoted by informal teams and players in the field of research, will also be considered, in the form of ‘call-for-ideas’. These initiatives will compete for a special prize sponsored by CESAP – Centro Europeo Sviluppo Applicazioni Plastiche.


The selected companies and startups will have access to a one-day program that includes:
One-on-one Matchmaking meeting with a qualified panel of companies in the sector who have expressed an effective need to start open innovation projects in the areas of interest covered by this call; Pitch as part of the “TI PRESENTO UNA STARTUP” event, which also in its 2020 edition will see the involvement of selected industrial partners, investment groups and institutional representatives, in the context of one of the most active Italian industrial centers and in the heart of Kilometro Rosso, the leading Scientific and Technological District in Europe; Mentorship and support for the preparation of presentation materials to the companies of Gruppo Industriali Materie Plastiche e Gomma of Confindustria Bergamo, with the aim of promoting the creation of commercial collaborations and corporate partnerships; Media visibility following articles published on specialized magazines, newspapers, web portals dedicated to startup ecosystem as well as press releases.

For more information
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13 March 2020


Among the many Chinese cities better known to Westerners, one might wonder about the choice of the “lesser known” of Suzhou.

Why Suzhou?
A city in eastern China, located in the middle of the Yangtze River delta, east of Shanghai, it has become one of the most dynamic cities in the economic landscape of mainland China and today represents the first city economy of the Jiangsu province in terms of GDP ( around 240 billion euros in 2018), ranking in the top ten across the country.

In recent years, Suzhou’s economic structure has been continuously optimized and its leading industries have accelerated their development. The production value of the four leading new generation industries, information technology, biomedicine, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, represents 15.7% of total industrial production. The city houses the offices of 80 of the top 500 companies in the Fortune ranking. Suzhou continues to increase investment in science and technology, to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship policies. Its production activities are concentrated in the two main city industrial parks: the Suzhou Industrial Park SIP2 and the Suzhou National New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone.

21 February 2020


The scientific, cultural and research world issued the manifesto “China our hearts beat for you”, on Friday 21th, 2020 at Svimez headquarter in Rome, together with concrete action’s campaign to support Chinese population and transform a global alert in a massive wave of solidarity to testify that also the closeness of people and culture can be contagious.

There were present Li Junhua, Ambassador of People’s Republic of China to Italy, Luca Bianchi, Director of Svimez, Adriano Giannola, President of Svimez, Vincenzo Lipardi, President of SPICI srl – Company for Innovation, Cooperation and Internationalization, Plinio Innocenzi, Full Professor of Science and e Technology of Materials at the department of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the University of Sassari and former Scientific Attaché at the Embassy of Italy in Beijing, Alessandra Lavagnino, former full professor of Chinese language and Culture University of Milan and Director of the Confucius Institute of the University of Milan, Marco Maggiora Director of the Joint Laboratory of the Institute of High Energy Physics-National Institute of Physics (INFN ) and through video conference there were also Paolo Giulierini, Director of MANN – National Archeological Museum of Naples and Sergio Cavalieri, rector ‘s delegate for technology transfer and innovation and Valorization of Research, University of Bergamo.

The first initiatives of the campaign are the launch of a petition, already signed by 700 people, on the platform change.org by clicking the link http://chng.it/vp524xz7NN, and the activation of the new website www.chinahearts.eu to collect messages and testimonials of the closeness of Italians to Chinese and the proposal of common projects.

The Ambassador of People’s Republic of China to Italy, Li Junhua expressed hope and appreciation: “We are overcoming the critical moment, the earliest vaccine for the novel coronavirus in China will be presented on the first of April of this year. But your closeness is very important to fight the virus of ignorance and racism. After this storm, the friendship between Italy and China will shine like rainbows”.

Furthermore: “I am very glad to be here in this particular period for this important initiative promoted by Italian cultural and scientific world. The petition has been already signed by many people and we expect they will be more and more. The new virus is dangerous for the whole world, not only for China. We are reacting with all our strengths to prevent and contain the outbreak. Nowadays, the number of the recoveries and the people released from Hubei hospital are increasing more and more. China will strengthen cooperation with Italy and the international community. In China we are used to say that “after the storm there will be the rainbow”, so I am confident that after this storm the friendship between Italy and China will shine like a rainbow. Now Italians say “China our hearts beat for you”, Chinese people will say “Italy our hearts beat for you’”.

H.E. Luca Ferrari, the Italian Ambassador to China, also sent a message of support.

Paolo Giulierini, Director of MANN – Archeological National Museum of Naples through a video conference remind us that “Under Augustus trade relations with China were already established. Remembering this ancient closeness, over the last few years the MANN has already realized important exhibitions dedicated to Pompeii in some Chinese cities: Xi’An, Beijing and Chengdu. Every year, moreover, we organize the Chinese New Year together with the Chinese community. We are very enthusiastic and we strongly believe in this campaign of solidarity”.

Besides underlines all the necessary measures against the virus, the campaign aims at giving a contribution for overcoming the fear and prejudice generated by the health emergency of the “2019-nCoV”. Unknown disease can arouse distrust of cultures with which we are unfamiliar. Thought culture, art and science we want to fight the ignorance which is the biggest infection, that’s why one of the first activities is to invite some young Chinese artists to work on new projects in Italy.

Vincenzo Lipardi, the President of SPICI srl – Company for Innovation, la Cooperation and Internationalization declared: “We have promoted this Manifesto to start a battle against the virus of the intolerance and fear, which seems more devious than the one doctors are fighting against. This battle is in the name of friendship between the two countries. We are very proud of this initiative that starting from below is “Infecting” positively many people. We invite everybody to sign this manifesto”.

The director of the Svimez, Luca Bianchi, underlined that “Starting from here it is possible to invert a path, from a negative event we can build new positive things, strengthening our friendship with Chinese people”, whilst the president of Svimez, Adriano Giannola pointed out: “In this phase of the globalization, the communication with China is strategic for the future of Italy. We hope that from this emergency situation thanks to solidarity, closeness and opening something positive can come out”.

According to Marco Maggiora Director of the Joint Laboratory of the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP)- Italian National Institute of Physics (INFN) “China is a strategic partner of Italy not only for the past research projects, but because we have the desire to build a future generation of researchers. This Manifesto is a mean to use art, culture and science against any discrimination and to strengthen a very solid relationship”.

Alessandra Lavagnino, former full professor of Chinese language and culture at the University of Milan and Director of the Confucius Institute of the University of Milan, confirmed that also University of Milan and all Confucius Institutes of Italy are supporting this campaign. “Many Italian students chose to study Chinese, and there are about 30 Italian Universities where you can study Chinese, there are many interpreters and cultural mediators, let’s keep this chain made of real knowledge alive”

February 2020


Turning a global alarm into a wave of solidarity and witnessing how closeness between peoples and cultures can also be contagious.

“China, our hearts beat for you” comes from this awareness. Promoted by personalities from the world of science, art and culture, “China, our hearts beat for you” is a solidarity campaign to support the Chinese people affected by the coronavirus epidemic. The suffering caused by discrimination and ignorance must not be added to the suffering caused by the health emergency.

The objective of the initiative is to raise public awareness on how important it is, today more than ever, to work together to transform a widespread alarm into a wave of global solidarity, which unites peoples and consolidates relationships and exchanges, not only economic, between the two countries, and which favors concrete actions, for a future characterized by greater cooperation, harmony and prosperity.

The campaign starts from Italy, which this year celebrates 50th anniversary of the relations between Italy and China, and intends to expand in Europe for a period of one year, during which concrete actions will be launched to consolidate relationships and exchanges in the field of culture and research.

“China, our hearts beat for you” will be officially launched at the press conference on Friday 21 February at 11 am at the prestigious Svimez headquarters. The manifesto, which will be launched on that occasion, is already online, at the link: http://chng.it/vp524xz7NN, and a dedicated website has also been opened: www.chinahearts.eu.