Spici Srl and  Cotec Fondazione per l’Innovazione sign a partnership to undertake a collaboration path in the implementation of joint projects for the creation and acceleration of enterprises, business development, digital transformation, innovative training and internationalization.

The goal is to strengthen Italy’s role in the international ecosystem of innovation and scientific culture, through the development of programs and initiatives that bring together countries and cultures and enhance the richness that such cultural diversity is in. able to bring and build more advanced languages and practices.

The activities in which they will be involved are the following:

Projects and initiatives to attract and train talents, assisting Italy in its scientific diplomacy policies in priority countries, and contributing to the growth of a generation of talents capable of being able to innovate companies, through internships, training internships, international hackathons, workshops, dedicated training courses, etc.

Initiatives and programs for the internationalization and promotion of innovative Italian research-business systems in the world, with specific   attention to Third Countries, even if not exclusive, also focusing on the enhancement of young talents through joint initiatives aimed at the creation and development of innovative, competitive,

sustainable enterprises capable of producing new jobs; joint projects, also under regional, national and European tender, for the promotion of advanced training courses, creation, innovation and internationalization of innovative start-ups and technology transfer, as well as open innovation initiatives;

sharing of contents, strategies and opportunities to contribute to the growth of the national and southern innovation ecosystem, within their respective areas of operation, and activation of synergies and complementarities, making mutual skills, networks and expertise available matured;

organize joint activities, programs, events, training actions, in-depth meetings, information, animation and any other useful initiative consistent with this protocol, which may be of common interest, also collaborating in identifying possible and necessary financial resources for coverage the related costs;

promote and give visibility to joint activities through network communication tools.