On October 20, our team on business trip in the United Arab Emirates visited the Huawei Exhibition Centre in Dubai at the JAFZA One Convention Centre, the only Exhibition Center in the country, designed by the multinational company to showcase its latest technological innovations.

It was an experience of great interest for us, in a state-of-the-art center similar to Huawei’s Exhibition Centers in Shanghai and Shenzhen. It was also an important visit in view of the launch of the acceleration program that we manage on behalf of the Chinese multinational company in Italy.

During the visit, Huawei representatives led by Robin Liu, Director of the Global Government Affairs Department, presented the latest innovations of the Chinese multinational in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

We had the opportunity to experience first-hand the exceptional innovative potential of Huawei’s connectivity solutions. There were many people visiting the Center, including from Germany, Huawei’s first European partner.

The center is structured as a demonstrator. Each solution, even the most complex and innovative, is represented in a very effective, simple and immediate way, so as to allow those who do not have a technical background to realize the sizeable advantages in terms of performance, costs and consumption.

For each product, a usage scenario is simulated, representing the “As is”, that is, the current technology, and the “to be”, that is, how their solution impacts in the real environment. We were most intrigued by their switches, no longer based on traditional electronic motherboards but on optical components, boxes as large as a palm, which are assembled like fuses in a box, with a micro-mirror inside that is able to direct the signal with tiny variations in angle.

For each product, these are the common characteristics: great innovativeness and technological complexity, extreme simplification in use, strong improvement in performance, significant reduction in costs and consumption (energy, space). All this, without neglecting the design, of the highest aesthetic and functional level.