The Wenzhou session of the 2021 Innovation China Technology Roadshows was held on 29 July. The program represents an important international collaboration platform in the field of science, innovation and new technologies. Promoted by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST), the program was designed to promote the exchange of knowledge, talents and skills and to strengthen the link between industry and the world of research.

The city chosen to host the roadshow was Wenzhou, one of the most economically developed areas of the south-eastern province of Zhejiang known for its entrepreneurial culture. In 2021, Wenzhou was also listed the second batch of “Science and Innovation China” pilot cities of the CAST.

Focusing on the theme of health, the roadshow started with the speeches of various representatives of the innovative Chinese and European ecosystem.

5 European startups, spinoffs and research groups were then invited to present their solutions to a wide audience of industry representatives, research centers, technology parks and investors from China.

Promete srl, the only Italian company present, whose participation in the Roadshow was coordinated by SPICI, is a spinoff company of the National Institute for the Physics of Matter of the National Research Council. He presented the project “Photochemical Immobilization Technology for Biotechnology, Food Safety and Quality Control”.

The solutions and products presented by other companies included: medical cosmetics for acne treatment by Slovenian startup Jafaral, personalized cancer therapeutics by English startup Vivian Therapeutics, new antiviral agents for the treatment of HIV from the University of Belgrade in Serbia and a remote digital diagnosis solution for home care and sanatorium from the English startup DeepLab.