SPICI and EPIX have signed a partnership agreement to support the internationalization, acceleration and digital transformation of European and Asian companies.

EPIX is a company from Milan which supports the effective systemic and sustainable development of companies in the Eurasian continent. Thanks to its twenty years of experience providing internationalization services to businesses, EPIX is a qualified contact point for the elaboration of an international expansion strategy, with a particular focus on the ASEAN area and China.

The purpose of the agreement is to create synergies between the respective activities of SPICI and EPIX. The two companies will carry out joint activities such as the scouting and matchmaking of companies and talents, provide specialized support services to entrepreneurial subjects, research groups and direct investments, as well as co-develop platforms, products, solutions, applications, innovative digital services, in order to support internationalization and marketing operations. SPICI and EPIX also intend to collaborate to participate in calls and tenders at the regional, national and international level.