SPICI has invited several Italian organizations to become supporting members of the Network for International Cooperation on Technology Commercialization (NICTC).

Founded in 2020 during the International Technology Trade Fair of the last edition of the China Zhongguancun (ZGC) Forum, NICTC aims to promote long-term cooperation on international technology transfer.

The network is promoted by the International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN) and the China Technology Exchange (CTEX), among others. It operates under the guidance of the Beijing Municipal Government, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and the Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST).

To date, the network includes 103 institutions from 15 countries, including Cambridge Enterprise, University of Oxford Global Innovation Consultancy Oxentia, the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Russian National Association of Technology Transfer (NATT), the German Institute of Innovation and Technology (GIT), and 37 other international institutions.

On the Chinese side, the 66 members of NICTC include the Office of the Department of Science and Technology of Peking University, the Office of Technology Transfer of Tsinghua University, and the WTO Chair (China) Institute. SPICI is also a member of the network and in recent years, the company has promoted the participation of Italian and African institutions in the network, including Lazio Innova, ItaliaStartUP, Materias, Zakeke, Campania NewSteel, the International Centre for Emerging Technology (ICET), and the Nigeria Climate Innovation Centre (NCIC).

NICTC’s activities in 2021 included the launch of the “2021 Innovation China” platform, which organizes 150 technology roadshows in 2021.

SPICI, as a member of NICTC, has expanded participation in the network to:

  • Meditech (Meditech Consortium – Mediterranean Competence Center for Innovation): a competence center based in Puglia and Campania and promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development. It was established to promote the adoption and diffusion of the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0.
  • Netval: the Italian association for the valorization of results from public research. It has 98 members representing over 80% of the Italian public research system.
  • The Department of Physical Sciences and Technologies of Matter (DSFTM) and the Office of Technology Transfer of the National Research Council (CNR): carries out basic and applied research activities for the development of the science and technology of matter, with significant benefits for the industrial system.
  • The China-Italy Joint Laboratory on Advanced Manufacturing (CI-LAM): the main platform for collaboration between the Chinese and Italian ecosystems of innovation in the field of advanced manufacturing promoted by the University of Naples Federico II, the University of Bergamo and SPICI.

These organizations were presented during the opening ceremony of the 2021 International Technology Trade fair on Zhongguancun Forum.