SPICI participated with a delegation in the AU-EU Innovation Festival, the great festival of innovation between our two continents, promoted by the European Union and the African Union, held on 15 June in Cape Town, South Africa.

The event, attended by over 500 delegates, was an extraordinary opportunity for European entrepreneurs to meet the African innovation system and discuss the new AU-EU Innovation Agenda.

Specifically, the AU-EU Innovation Agenda, an extremely important joint policy initiative, will drive cooperation between Africa and Europe in science, technology and innovation for the next decade. Its fundamental objective is to foster joint research projects and foster the growth of a Common Ground in innovation.

This ambitious programme aims to create a fertile ground for collaboration and knowledge exchange, promoting sustainable development and economic prosperity in Africa and Europe.

The week in South Africa was full of engagements: Dr. Lipardi and Dr. Romano met and visited different realities (incubators and innovation centres) based in Cape Town, strengthening the network of relations with the main actors of the South African ecosystem present in Cape Town.

Among the results obtained was the signing of strategic agreements with important local partners that could lead to fruitful partnerships in the near future.

Furthermore, in its scientific diplomacy action, the delegation met the Italian Consulate in Cape Town, discussing possible new collaborations in the science and technology sector.

Find out more about the event on the official AU-EU Innovation Festival website.


This project was co-funded by the European Union’s Single Market Programme.