The CI-LAM Summer School is an annual training program on advanced manufacturing organized by the China-Italy Laboratory on Advanced Manufacturing (CI-LAM), which is the bilateral platform on advanced manufacturing launched in 2017 and promoted by the Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MOST)

CI-LAM involves promoters from the Italian side (the University of Naples Federico II, the University of Bergamo and SPICI), and the Chinese side (the Tsinghua University, the China Sci-Tech Automation Alliance, the TusPark university incubator and the Hangxing China-Italy Innovation Incubator).

On 13 October, the Closing Ceremony of CI-LAM Summer School 2021 took place online in Italy and China. The Attendance Certificates were given to the students and the results of the program this year were presented by the partners of the program. This year, 59 students were involved coming from 24 different universities in Italy, China, Norway and the US. More than 24 hours of lessons were organized in 8 different on-line meetings from 13th July to 6th August. The courses were divided into 8 topics taught by 8 professors from top universities in Italy and China, see as follows:

  • New Material for 3D Printing: Prototyping and Production
  • Digital Twin and its Industrial Applications
  • Energy Management for Energy Internet
  • IOT for 4.0 Industrial Revolutions
  • Smart Robotics
  • Open and Distributed Automation System
  • Novel Power Semiconductor Devices
  • Equipment and DC Grids
  • Machine Learning in Advanced Manufacturing

Each lesson included a discussion session between 26 Italian and Chinese Research Groups on the topics mentioned above, which is an opportunity to strengthen bilateral cooperation between Italy and China.

In addition, during this ceremony, the academic partners (Prof. Fabio Villone, Vice Dean of DIETI, University of Naples Federico II, Prof. Zhu Guiping, Associate Dean of Electrical Engineering Department, Tsinghua University, and Prof. Sergio Cavalieri, Vice-rector of technology transfer, innovation and valorisation of research, University of Bergamo, delivered the welcome addresses of the ceremony).

The successful outcomes of CI-LAM Summer School 2021 were presented by Prof. Giovanni Breglio (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Department, University of Naples Federico II) following with the delivery of attendance certificates announced by Prof. Zhu Guiping and Prof. Sergio Cavalieri.

Thanks to the work carried out in 2020, the CI-LAM was mentioned as a bilateral platform on advanced manufacturing and on the theme of the Intelligent Factory in the “Action Plan towards 2025 between Italy and China on scientific and technological cooperation” drawn up by the Ministry of Affairs Foreign and International Cooperation.